2018 Ford Mustang

Artist, Mathew (boo) Hintz creates impressionistic style paintings of
anything that runs on gas & oil. However, the automobile and motorcycle
world is where most of his time is spent. Hintz focuses on the
perspectives and the specific details of makes and models that make
them unique. Hintz is honored to be creating artwork for Ford Images.
Hintz wants to capture Ford’s iconic history while recording the
companies vision with its modern styling of today’s vehicles.
His artwork is built layers upon layers of paint or charcoal as he
seemingly sculpts the material to build his impressionistic representations
of his portraits. If Hintz isn't behind the canvas working on commissions
or gallery pieces, you’ll find him combing car and motorcycle shows
looking for the subject of his next painting. Quoting Mathew (boo) Hintz,
“I paint your passions.”

Wall Mural Options

4.5'x6' (1.3Mx1.8M) Mural $349.99
7'x10' (2.3Mx3M) Mural $549.99
9'x12' (2.7Mx3.6M) Mural $999.99

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